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Mobiflux Review – Get This Latest WordPress Plugin That Taps Mobile Traffic

Mobiflux Review
Written by Rudy Rudra

Are you looking for supercharging mobile traffic flow to your website and that also in shortest possible time and without needing to shell a single penny on paid ads?

Then you have surely landed up here in the very right place. Well, you must be well aware of the fact that these days more than 60% of web traffic used to come from smartphones rather than desktop.

So Google to is right now putting emphasis on mobile traffic and thus this is indeed an integral part of your marketing process. Since a website without a good amount of traffic looks like a dead fish without water.

Where The Problem Lies

Well, in this regard the problem lies in the fact that most of the websites are designed for the desktop version only.

  • Most of the bloggers are on mobile but your blog is still not mobile friendly
  • Almost all of the online buyers use to access all e-commerce sites like Amazon and others through their smartphone, but are using mobile-friendly Ads on your site?
  • Are you showing your offers, coupons, specials in a way mobile users usually used to see them?


Then What’s The Solution 

So by keeping all these issues in mind, the leading digital product launching company Teknikforce has come up with an innovative solution through their latest inclusion called Mobiflux.  Well, it is a next generation WordPress plugin that lets you fetch floods of mobile traffic all at a go straight to your website.

This proven plugin has been mainly designed to Sky-height your mobile traffic by implementing a highly successful, tried and tested strategy used by mobile apps. With this tool, you can simply steer your mobile traffic with an effective call to action by showing mobile style banner ads that are designed mainly for mobile users. It helps in boosting user attention and action by popping up on your ads all within seconds. So let us see more details regarding this proven plugin by going through this Mobiflux Review.

What is Mobiflux?

It is a premier WordPress Plugin that lets you supercharge mobile traffic flow to your blog or website. It comes with 25 readymade PSD templates which can be modified and implemented as per your requirements.<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="">Mobiflux Sales Video</a> from <a href="">Teknikforce Ventures LLC</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Thus, this proven tool does help in increasing your user attention and action by popping up your ad and call to action within a few seconds.

It unlocks rewards and sends your visitors anywhere across the web the way you want. Well, the best thing regarding this premier tool is that it helps to bring your visitors back to your site repeatedly by sending them email notifications.


WP Mobiflux

Mobiflux Top Features

  • Upload your graphics and put in the link of the URL where you want to drive traffic.
  • It lets you control your ad fill rate
  • It shows different ads at different times with round robin or random rotation
  • Setup your multiplier with full control over colors, graphics, text, and headings
  • It lets you set up email notifications, just write the text you want to send to your visitors.
  • Then it lets to review your overall performance
  • And lots of other features

Launch & Price: Brand New Mobiflux:

Mobiflux Pro

Extra features that your customers get in the Pro version of Mobiflux

  • Unlimited content lockers on one site
  • Page-level ads (show different ads on different pages)
  • Ad rotation with stats of how each ad performs
  • Installation on unlimited self-owned websites
  • 100 ready to use ad templates

Mobiflux Developer

The Developer edition of Mobiflux lets your customers recruit clients and implement Mobiflux on their websites too.

Mobiflux Agency

Mobiflux Agency lets your customers sell Mobiflux to others and pocket all the sales.

Mobiflux Reseller

Own the Mobiflux source-code and do whatever with it that you want.

Traffic-Seeder Pack

Seed your Traffic Tsunami with Viral Marketing


Well, before wrapping up this review we would like to mention that if you are looking for boosting your mobile traffic flow to your website and that also without investing any single penny in paid ads then Mobiflux is your ideal solution.

This premier tool lets you fetch floods of mobile traffic straight to your website, blogs offer page or sales page whichever you wants to promote.

Last nor the least this proven tool do comes with complete 30days money back guarantee along with an amazing early bird offer prize. So for what the heck you are waiting? Book your copy right now and start feeling the difference.


Bonuses :



All Bonuses will be Already loaded in your Jvzoo Account. Right under the access to the product,

Mobiflux Review

DropShipping Plus

Mobiflux Review

This training comes with all step-by-step training modules that teach you all the marketing success strategies that are followed by all top marketers for their six-figure income business. So grab your copy right now and start making the difference.

F. A. Q

  • Will this work with any WordPress site?

Yes, just about any. Even if you have customized the script in a permissible manner or you have a custom version of WordPress. As long as you can install plugins, it should work.

  • Do I have to be technical to use this?

No, it’s made to be simple. We’ve done a deep study of the policy and requirements so you don’t have to.

  • Will it be improved?

Yes, we always work to keep improving all our products. If you’re our existing customer, you’ve seen it happen. Get on board and see a product experience you’ve never seen before.

  • Will it work with future versions of WordPress?

Yes, as we said, we will keep enhancing it as situation changes and you will get free upgrades for one year.

  • Can I install it myself?

Sure! As long as you know enough WordPress to install a Plugin you can do this. No need to hire a tech.

Support :

All Bonuses Already loaded in your Jvzoo Account. Right under the access to the product,

if you can’t find them just email me at with the screenshot of the receipt & I’ll send them on your Email!

If you Have any issue regarding the Dropship selling Academy Let me know in my email: I will reply back you in ASAP. That’s All About Mobiflux Review. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below!

To Your Success,
Rudy Rudra


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